Tech2Business: your trusted technology distributor

Tech2Business: your trusted technology distributor

Tech2Business distributes innovative technologies that help improve business productivity. One of the secrets to our success is working hard to provide real value to our channel partners that number more than 200 companies. By working hand in hand with these companies we are able to continue generating more business and profit, every day.

How do we generate real value for our partner channel?

Tech2Business hasn’t always been a distributor or wholesaler. In the past our focus was system integration, working directly with end customers, partnering with various manufacturers and wholesalers. For us, our ability to empathize with and  understand first-hand the needs of  our partner channel comes from looking back and remembering our own requirements whenever we needed to look for a wholesaler or manufacturer. And let’s be honest, this is not an easy task.

Many of you will have experienced it: at the closing of each month or quarter, there is smoke coming out of your phone as you search for a solution, then nothing. There is little or no help if you want to work jointly on a project, technical assistance that is poor in quality or non-existent, weeks of waiting for an estimate, etc. This of course doesn’t happen all the time, but this may resonate with some of our readers who may have experienced this.

What is real value for Tech2Business?

Real value is based on effort. At Tech2Business we have been able to prove to our partners that we are a wholesaler that provides real value. What is real value for us? Being a team. In our work with our partners we uphold full transparency, participating in all phases of the project: from the initial positioning, scaling of solutions, architectures and licensing to user experience and technical support.

Our partner’s project becomes our project, driving the work forward together through to closing. This approach is quite different from that in which a customer receives ten calls at the end of the month asking them: “How did the project turn out?”, after not receiving much assistance during the project’s prior phases. We never turn our back on the partner. We are committed to being their number one guide and source of support.

Learn about all that Tech2Business has to offer

Cloud Services

Tech2Business boasts extensive experience in cloud services. Increasingly, businesses seek out solutions that ensure uninterrupted service and infrastructure protection. There are many alternatives and cloud infrastructures out there, but the most important thing is to have a wholesale partner that will work closely with your business.

Our cloud services offer the highest guarantees in terms of compliance, availability and security, ensuring that our channel of partners is able to reliably cover all of their customers’ cloud service needs. We currently work with prominent companies such as Walhalla and Aire Networks. The services they offer work together in a complementary fashion and in keeping with the characteristics and needs of partners and their customers.

Cybersecurity and antivirus solutions

Cybersecurity is another issue of great concern for businesses today. At Tech2Business we have acquired solid experience in the sector, allowing us to contribute a lot of value when working with our partners. With the waves of cyberattacks that have hit many of us, who hasn’t jumped on the cybersecurity bandwagon in the last two or three years?

Today it seems that any IT company worth its salt will include cybersecurity solutions as part of its portfolio. At Tech2Business we don’t believe in an anything-goes approach, especially when it comes to security. Securing a business isn’t just selling them a solution, installing it and hoping that it works correctly, it’s much more than that.

At Tech2Business we work closely with our partners, offering them more than just a simple solution. Our model is based on proactive prevention that includes monitoring, endpoint antivirus solutions, servers, perimeter and network security. We also provide services involving powerful maximum security authentication tools to guarantee access control, as well as sound password and identity management.

Together, this prevents and is able to quickly identify potential threats that may arise in any part of a business’s IT infrastructure. Working with manufacturers such as Hornetsecurity, Seqrite and Censornet which have extensive experience in this field means we are able to ensure success and profitability. 

Backup and disaster recovery

Unfortunately, we all know that prevention and identification is not enough and so it is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. That is, the cure is just as important as prevention.

We offer advanced backup and disaster recovery systems, and not only for servers, cabinets, endpoints, etc. It is also important that any information communicated via email be well protected to ensure recovery in the event of loss, deletion or attack. Security is guaranteed by applying prevention, protection and recovery features to mailboxes. To achieve this, we rely on major manufacturers such as Altaro (Hornetsecurity Group) and Acronis.

Tech2Business boasts highly qualified and certified personnel

The staff at Tech2Business have extensive technical, commercial and pre-sales experience in IT projects. At Tech2Business we are fortunate to have an accredited team of experts having the highest certifications in the IT technologies we work with, to ensure the best collaborative experience for our channel partners.

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